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Bright Graphic Design creates a marketing campaign to support local writers and authors in SC

To celebrate National Book Month, authors, bookstores, publishers, and literature enthusiasts can share the sticker and the poster “Read Local” across their social media and customers communication.

Greenville, South Carolina, Oct 05, 2021 – It’s October so it’s time to celebrate the importance of reading, writing, and literature throughout the National Book Month. The first was first created in 2003 by the National Book Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to raise cultural appreciation of great writing in America.

“To show our appreciation for those who work hard to promote literature in our community, Bright Graphic Design is launching the “Read Local Upstate SC” campaign. Read Local is part of a larger campaign called “Small Business Big Country”, which has several other call-to-actions inviting the community to invest in local businesses and talents. The agency designed a poster and stickers, which are a call to action for people to appreciate the local authors and writers in Upstate, SC,” said Clarissa Gainey, Creative Director and Founder of Bright.

Bright is doing their part in helping local writers, independent authors, bookstores, and publishers in Upstate gain visibility and social media engagement. Now, they’re calling out the community to do the same. People can download the free poster and stickers on and tag their favorite local author when sharing the stickers on their social media.

“Three months ago, we were asked to create an online presence strategy, website and branding for a local author from Simpsonville, J. Dwight Donald to help promote his book “Annular”. So, we did an online presence analysis and research to understand the literature market in Upstate SC. We found several great local authors here and we were thinking how Bright Graphic Design could help them to get awareness. It’s the genesis of our campaign,” said Roberta Silva, Marketing and Communication Director of Bright.

More ways to show your appreciation for local writers and authors:

- Follow and support their social media accounts.

- The holiday’s shopping season is coming, so buy a book from a local author to a friend or family member.

- If you own a bookstore, create a section called “Read Local Upstate SC” with a selection of local authors’ books.

- If you enjoyed reading a book from a local author, leave them a positive review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Google.

- Read local authors’ books for your kids and tell them how important it is to value local talent. They're a meaningful part of our community.

Finally, when sharing the “Read Local Upstate SC” stickers online, add these hashtags to support the campaign: #ReadLocalUpstateSC #ReadLocal #NationalBookMonth

Do Local_Read Poster
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