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Training professionals to help brands grow



We love sharing what we know! We are a multidisciplinary digital marketing and graphic design agency, and over our 24 years of experience in these industries, we came across a great deal of small businesses that had to handle their marketing in-house. In most cases, the person in charge of marketing has never had proper marketing and design training to do the job, so the business suffers.

We want to change that.

Our passion for small businesses and business growth have brought us to the creation of the BASE Academy in 2021. Our course materials are based on not only our industry expertise, but also on the latest digital tools available. We train professionals of all backgrounds in the areas of graphic design, digital marketing, digital marketing strategy, data analysis, social media, design for social media, storytelling, website design and more. We equip these professionals to not only create visually appealing graphics, but also to effectively communicate with their prospects and clients. And we know how an effective communication can grow a businesses. 

We offer a range of 1-hour courses to 4-weeks, and each business can choose which path works best for them.

Besides the courses, we also offer bi-annual follow-up packages, where we sit down with our students to analyze the work they've been doing and the results they're getting. We provide feedback and suggestions to continue to grow their businesses. 





My BASE Academy was created with a simple goal in mind: we want to HEI (Help, Empower & Inspire) small business owners to take their brands to the next level. 

We are big advocates of the DIY mindset, so we believe that having a good branding system and online presence in place can begin and should begin in the minds of the business owners.

In a very practical way, we introduce design principles and digital tools to business owners and teach them how to use them to make their brand stronger. 

We offer workshops for teams and individuals who want to understand and learn the core of a successful visual communication online. From basic Photoshop to CapCut, we cover a wide array of apps that will make their lives easier.




Learning apps


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Help clients recognize your brand.

Branding: 10 steps to increase brand awareness and make clients remember you

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Help clients recognize your brand.

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indispensable apps to run your business

Work smarter, not harder. Learn which apps will save you time, money and attract clients.

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Help clients recognize your brand.

Brand purpose, positioning, differentiation, trust, beneficence & identity

Learn how to set yourself apart and gain your customer base's heart. 
Strategize to maximize your ROI.

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We love what we do, so we'd love to share with you some of the work we've done. Our work is conceptual and intentional, because design is supposed to touch people's hearts and communicate a message. 


We've worked with a variety of clients ranging from multi-national companies, like Shell Oil, to friends starting up their small business. 


These are some of the clients we've assisted so far:












Roberto Traven jiu jitsu
Morton Theatre
Shell oil
Georgia state university
GlaxoSmithKline GSK
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Fox Theatre Atlanta
Anderson University
Habitat for Humanity
Cartoon Network
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About us



Creative Director & Founder

Clarissa was born and raised in the most beautiful city in the world, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)! There, she's received her first degree in Graphic Design (BFA) from the National School of Fine Arts. 


She's an "old school" graphic designer as her training was based of the Bauhaus. She's trained in both fine arts and design. However, her true passion has always been graphic design. In the early 2000s, she relocated to the US to pursue a Master's in Graphic Design, which has opened many doors for her professionally. Throughout her career of more than 20 years, she's designed for numerous multinational companies, like Turner Entertainment Co (Cartoon Network) and Shell Oil, as well as for small businesses. 

Clarissa loves to work in the Upstate, SC, as it is home to some of the most interesting and kind clients. She's designed new packaging for Poppington's in Downtown Greenville, as well as worked on Prime Realty's branding, print and digital collateral. More recently, she's designed the Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce's new website. Clarissa has also been a Professor of Graphic Design for almost 15 years.


Her work has been recognized in national and international design competitions, and her photography has been displayed in a number of exhibitions in the US and abroad.

Expertise: Logo, Branding System, Website, Print collateral, Packaging, Typography, Conceptualization, Visual Communication, Psychology of Color & Semantics. 

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Journalist, Digital Marketer & Media Relations

Roberta was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She speaks Portuguese, English, and intermediate Spanish. She has a Bachelor degree in Journalism, and an MBA in the Oil and Gas. She has worked for over a decade in the field of Communication, and has served clients like Xerox, BP Energy, BP Marine, Peppa Pig, eOne Entertainment, and Petrobras at WPP Group Brazil (Cohn & Wolfe).


She’s also an experienced Communication and Digital Specialist with a demonstrated history of working with international clients in the fields of Technology, Retail, Entertainment, Oil and Gas, Education and Nonprofits. Her expertise also shines in social media management, cross-media campaigns, metrics analysis, social listening, organic campaigns, digital advertising, PR, and Media Relations.


In Greenville, South Carolina, she’s co-founded the Greenville International Bazaar, which is a trade show that celebrates both local and international crafts, arts, services, and cuisine. Its mission is to support entrepreneurs and empower international women in business.


Expertise: Creative digital strategy development, data-led digital analysis, B2C and B2B customer insights, content creation to increase sales and brand awareness, brand management, digital presence analysis, on and off crises management, and public relations.


Keep in touch: 

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